Indira Gandhi National Open University- Results

Indira Gandhi National Open University- Results

The motto of Indira Gandhi National Open University is “The People’s University”. Since the university is handled by the central government the chancellor of the university is the president of our country “Mr.Ram Nath Kovind” and “Ravindra Kumar” serves as the vice chancellor of the university. To improve the level of education and improvise people’s understanding of things in our country it is very necessary that every individual is educated. India is a country with a literacy rate of 74.04% and to appreciate this it is very necessary to stimulate and set a worth for distance learning. In 1970, a seminar was organized by Ministry of Education and Social Welfare on “open university”. This seminar counselled for the establishment of an “Open University” in India. The inauguration of this university was done by an act of parliament so that the construction happens as fast as possible. It was controlled by the Central Government so that even the students from the remotest parts of the country can have access to university and Education. IGNOU has become the university to impart lessons not only in India but abroad as well. It has up till now taught 40 millions of students including the students of 29 states of India. The IGNOU offers more than 228 courses of about 810 faculties and 574 academic staff including the headquarters and regional centres.

A result is the outcome of a series of events or actions taken by an individual. It is also termed as Upshot. A result is the final consequence of an action and for a student result is the outcome of what he/she wrote in exams and how he/she had performed in an examination. A result defines a student’s success or failure in the study he/she was pursuing. If you are eagerly waiting for your result of Indira Gandhi National Open University then you can view your result on the official website of the same.

Steps to view your result are:

  • Visit the official website
  • Choose the option “term end exam”.
  • Then choose the option “December exam declaration” or “June exam declaration” as per you term exam.
  • The screen that appears in front of the students requests for their nine digit enrolment number.
  • Enter the same and click on submit.
  • The result will be displayed which you can take a print out of for your further use.

Courses available in Indira Gandhi National Open University

Courses available in Indira Gandhi National Open University are various. It gives wide variety of options and opportunities to the students to be skilled and well equipped in their areas of interests. Few of these courses are:

  • Certificate in Bee-Keeping
  • Certificate in HIV and Family Education
  • Certificate in business skills
  • Certificate in Environmental studies
  • Diploma in nautical science
  • Diploma in creative writing in English
  • Diploma in tourism studies
  • Advanced diploma in construction management
  • Advanced diploma in water resources engineering
  • Bachelor of arts
  • Bachelor of architecture
  • Masters of arts in Hindi
  • Masters of arts in History
  • Masters of arts-education and many others whose details are available on the official website of the university.


If a candidate isn’t satisfied with his/her marks or he/she is willing to study yet harder to increase their marks and over all aggregate they can go for the Improvement exams provision provided by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. The students do score less due to certain reasons and they need not be disheartened for the same. They can go for improvement exams whose form is released a few weeks after the declaration of the results of the particular exam. There is a separate set of rules for an improvement exam which are needed to be known from the official website of the university. The application fee for improvement exam is Rupees 500. The rule to apply for the improvement exam says that:

“ if a candidate falls short of 2% of marks to score 1st or 2nd division then he or she can apply for improvement exam to increase his aggregate.” Besides official website the results of the university term-end exam can also be seen at the official website.

Grade card

A grade card is a performance certificate of a student. It is a proof of how well or how bad a student has performed in his/her exam. It shows the marks of every student in different subjects. It is nothing but a proof of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, a proof of area where the student stands out and where he lacks knowledge. To download your grade card

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on results option
  • Select the link of your wish like grade card, re-evaluation and click on it.
  • Enter your nine digit enrolment number on the screen that appears in front of you.
  • The mark list gets displayed on screen. Print it out for further use.

How to perform better

To avoid appearing for improvement exam the student needs to do his/her best at the first shot.  For doing so his/her preparation needs to be strong enough so that he/she doesn’t fail to gain the marks he/she wishes to. For the same he/she needs to keep in mind a few things. They are:

  • Practice makes a man perfect. So a candidate needs to practice well. He/she needs to go through the previous year’s question papers to understand and know what kind of questions are asked. What would be the paper pattern. Which are the most frequently asked questions so on and so forth. Practising those papers would also boost the candidate’s confidence.
  • Prepare well before the time for stitch in time saves nine. Don’t begin your preparation just a week or 15 days before the commencement of the exam. That helps the candidate to just pass. Scoring well needs a timely preparation. Be well prepared and clear your all the doubts before exams and give yourself time sufficient enough to revise for the exam.

We have all types of  papers and information related to the ignou, so follow  our website to get the more information about the exam pattern, syllabus, and the previous year papers of ignou.

Thus, follow the guidelines provided by the teachers to score well.If you have any question or doubt Please comment below and keep visiting IGNOU News.

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