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In the time of 2012-2015, The National open university IGNOU has developed a website www.ignouonline.ac.in. This website was developed for the sole purpose of helping the community of online learners in IGNOU.

In easy words, the website is a learning management system that provides students the ability to learn at their own convenience. With this website, students can learn from anywhere at any time. The website provides all the essential links to all the educational resources that are available.

Moreover, IGNOU also provides the facility of webcast through this website. Through the webcast, you can access educational channels such as EDUSAT, Gyandarshan, and Gyanvani. Furthermore, you can also access virtual classes with the help of this e-portal.

The core competency of e-portal by IGNOU is to provide let people search for desired courses, register for the access, and pay the required charges with the help of flexible payment options such as credit and debit cards.

Various Online Services for IGNOU e-learning

IGNOU eGyankosh


To Get all details of IGNOU eGyankosh Click Here

IGNOU Swayam Prabha or GyanDarshan


To Get all details of IGNOU Swayam Prabha Channel Schedule Click Here

WGS Forum: Discussion Forum based Online Courses

Website :- http://wgforum.ignouonline.ac.in/wgforum/


IGNOU GyanDhara


To get all details of IGNOU Gyandhara Click Here

IGNOU Gyan Darshan


To get All Details about IGNOU Gyan Darshan TV and Online channel Click Here

Moreover, the website also provides exclusive access to end-of-term examinations as well as assignments in accordance with the student evaluation division of IGNOU. This ensures a stable learning curve for the students.

The e-content is provided by the expert faculty if IGNOU in the form of the word doc. Moreover, the resources will also contain other web-related resources such as videos, articles, and script for organizing the content, interactivity, and design flow.

There are even specialized templates designed for the purpose of organizing the modules of the content such as the pages and the sections available in the modules. Moreover, for the course coordinators, there is an availability of a unique interface.

The course coordinators can use the interface to upload the contents of the course on the website. Moreover, they also get the option to review the content as well as the designing elements of the course for the purpose of subjective and technical accuracy.

Salient features of IGNOU e-portal

IGNOU e-portal provides a number of innovative features for the betterment of IGNOU students. Here’s what it provides:

  • Online learning provides students with the ability to learn as per their comfort. Students can choose their own way of learning that proves to be the most productive for them. Moreover, a student cannot move to the next lecture unless he/she has completed the previous one. Therefore, students can learn in a better way with the help of the e-learning portal.
  • A student has access to the online material for 24 hours. Therefore, students can access their lectures, resources, as well as assignments at any given instant of time. Moreover, it also saves the student from the boredom of classrooms and learn from the comfort of their home.
  • A student can save a lot of money with the help of IGNOU e-portal. With the help of e-portal, a student can avoid unnecessary transport charges because he/she does not have to go anywhere and can learn from the uttermost comfort of their home.

In conclusion, IGNOU e-portal is a boon for various students who are looking to study from their homes. It provides numerous advanced features for the betterment of academic careers. That’s all we have for today.

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  1. Sir, I request the authorities of IGNOU to start all the courses through online. I was a ignou student. But I didn’t complete my MCA due to joining in a government job. MCA is a practical related course. I opted to get admission again in IGNOU and to complete my mca.

    1. I was a student of MBA in the year 2000.Due to job transfer I could not complete the course. Can i be able to join the course again without openmat.

  2. I want to do distance m.ed.

  3. I’m private teacher of s.st..i got74.25%marks in b.ed.

  4. Now I have 7 years ex. so plz help me.

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