Complete Process of Cancelling Admission in IGNOU

There are many reasons due to which IGNOU might cancel your admission. The reasons can be many. Here are a few examples; your admission form might be incomplete or your registration fee is short or maybe you have not submitted all the supporting documents.

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Procedure of Cancelling Admission In IGNOU

Here is a list of reasons that admission might have been cancelled:-

  • Enquiry the wrong information is given in the IGNOU admission form
  • The secondary or that 10 + 2 education is not completed from one of the recognised sports by the IGNOU.
  • The residential proof is not attached with the admission form
  • required educational qualifications are missing and all their proofs are missing in the phone.

If you want to cancel your admission from the IGNOU, here is a list of things that you will need to do:-

  • If you want to cancel admission to any other courses from Indira Gandhi National Open University, all you have to do is go to a regional centre and inform that you want to cancel admission and remember that your fees is never refunded by IGNOU in case you are withdrawing your application.
  • If you want to enroll again for a different course here is what you need to do. Enroll for new course that you want to register and the IGNOU finds out they will ask you personally which course you want to continue. The elite chances that they might refund your fees paid for another course excluding the processing charges.

Note – There are chances that no fee is adjustable under any some circumstances for any other program of the university. It means that if you want enroll for another course you have to pay the whole fee again. Students make sure that you think twice before applying to ignore program because your fees will never be refunded.

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Changing IGNOU Course 

  1. In Case of Bachelors

 There are a few times that IGNOU offers students to change the course from B.A. to B.Com./BTS/BSW or vice-versa or B.Com to B.A./BTS/BSW or vice-versa or B.Sc. to B.A./B.Com/BTS/BSW.

  • Permitted only to 1st-year students.
  • Can be done within 30 days from the receipt of the first set of course material
  • This requires payment of Rs.500/- plus Rs.300/ – per 2/4 credits course and Rs.600/- per 6/8 credit course.
  • The payment is to be done via Demand Draft drawn in favour of IGNOU payable at the place of concerned Regional Centre.
  • No change is permitted from B.A./B.Com/BTS/BSW to B.Sc.
  1. In Case of Masters

The change of programme in Master’s Degree (MEG/MHD/MPS/MAH/MPA/MSO/MEC/ MARD/M.Com./ MAPY/MAPC) follows the same rules like the ones in Bachelors.

  • Permitted only to 1st-year students.
  • Can be done within 30 days from the receipt of the first set of course material.
  • Here is the glitch – the student will have to pay the full fee for the new program and lose the fee paid for the first program.
  • Students are not required to return the old course material.

FAQ related to Cancelling Admission in IGNOU

Que. Can we cancel admission in IGNOU after a year?

Yes, you can cancel your admission. You just have to inform to the regional center of IGNOU for this and after that, your admission in IGNOU will be canceled.

Que. The fees are refundable after cancelling admission in IGNOU?

No, once you paid fees in IGNOU your money will be not get refunded by them. Almost no colleges or universities refund money after paying it. They take a fee for booking your seat so that they will not give to someone else.

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