There are number of candidates, who want to continue their study with job. For those candidates, one famous open school learning and distance learning university is IGNOU. This University was established in year 1987 and huge number of candidates are getting qualification certificate every year. More than 20 branches of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) are available in India. When this university started, only 2 diploma courses were offered. In the recent time, all type of graduation, post graduation, engineering and non engineering courses are offered with effective course fees.

In this year 2019– 2020, many candidates took admission for B.Sc in mathematics and started their classes. As per rules and curriculum of IGNOU, enrolled candidates will have to submit 2 assignment of each subject on the given time. Assignment details of all subjects of B.Sc in mathematics are listed below. All assignments are available on the official webpage of IGNOU and you can download assignment of your subjects. Just go to student section and enter your enrollment number and download assignment in your system.

Details of IGNOU Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) assignment are:
  • Programme name: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

  • Programme code: B.Sc

  • Validity of assignment: submit first assignment of July 2017 till October 2017 and second assignment of the January 2019 in the April 2019

In IGNOU, B.Sc in mathematics has further subsections which are described below and every student should have to be careful while downloading assignment questions. Subsections of B.Sc in mathematics are:

  • MTE – 01: Calculus

  • MTE – 02: Linear Algebra

  • MTE – 03: Mathematical Methods

  • MTE – 04: Elementary Algebra

  • MTE – 05: Analytical Geometry

  • MTE – 06: Abstract Algebra

  • MTE – 07: Advanced Calculus

  • MTE – 08: Differential Equations

  • MTE – 09: Real Analysis

  • MTE – 10: Numerical Analysis

  • MTE – 11: Probability and Statistics

  • MTE – 12: Linear Programming

  • MTE – 13: Discrete Mathematics

  • MTE – 14: Mathematical Modeling

Candidates, who are enrolled in B.Sc in mathematics in IGNOU University, can download the assignment of above given sub sections from official webpage of IGNOU which is www.ignou.ac.in . B.Sc in mathematics in IGNOU is available in both mediums which are English and Hindi. Candidates can download assignment in their enrolled medium because assignment of B.Sc in mathematics is available in both Hindi and English language on the webpage of IGNOU. Now, candidates can submit IGNOU MTE 01 solved assignment in handwritten on or before time. When candidates download assignment from official webpage of IGNOU, they will see that many information is given on front page of assignment which is star marked. So, read each information carefully and follow it when you start writing answers of your MTE 01 assignment. For your help, some information is given below.

Important information about MTE 01 solved assignment:
  • First, read complete assignment carefully.

  • Write the answers of questions on the prescribed word limit

  • All the answers of assignments should be handwritten

  • Do not copy and paste from books and other type of study material. You may try to write answer in your own language.

Try to write all answers by following above information. If assignment solution has been rejected by your subject teacher, you have to submit it again so that you can get B.Sc in Mathematics passing certificate from IGNOU. IGNOU assignment is of 100 marks for each subject and its weightage is about 30 % in total marks. So, try to score more marks in assignment and indirectly you will get more marks in your total marks.


MTE-01 Calculus
Block 1 Elements of Differential Calculus Download
Block 2 Drawing Curves Download
Block 3 Integral Calculus Download
Block 4 Application of Calculus Download
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