One of the best universities for open courses you can choose is the Indira Gandhi National Open University who is currently running 21 schools all over India and there is an uncountable number of students who have opted for the desired courses in graduation and post graduation it offers. Students have to pay very minimal fee so as to pursue any course in this university as it wants to cover all the students in India who cannot afford to pay high amounts on their education. It offers all types of graduation and post graduation courses with minimal education fees and the process of admission in the University is very simple.

The university was established under the Parliament Act 1985 in 1987. It offered only two courses with chart diploma in management and diploma in distance education initially, but now there is almost every course which is being offered and a lot of candidates have applied for this. The number of candidates is increasing every year as the reputation of the university is getting better year by year.The number of schools it runs all over India made to cover most of the students desires.

One of the courses it offers MSCL in which a lot of students are there to complete the course and there are assignments to be submitted by them twice every year. The month of January and July are decided to submit the assignment to the respective student centre. 15th of both of these months are set to submission of assignments. The questions for the assignments are uploaded for the students on the official website that is . If the assignment is not submitted on time, the student can face problems while deciding the final marks as it carries 30% weight age in the overall marks obtained by the students and the remaining 70% are decided by the final exams. There are a lot of students who have confusion in making the assignment as sometimes the format is not clear to them. The format for the assignment is uploaded on the official website and students must thoroughly check it. Any updation made to the question list of the assignment is also updated on the official website. The students must be very serious about the assignment to score well in the finals. The assignment is made in such a way that it helps in the preparation for the final exams eventually.

The MCSL 036 solved assignment is available to you for free and you can download it very easily. The solutions for all the semester are available to you and you can download the study material as well without purchasing it from the market. Students who cannot afford to buy books from the market can download it which is very beneficial. You can download it in PDF form with easily accessible.

MCSL – 036 Lab (III SEM)
Section-1 Object Oriented Analysis And Design Lab
IGNOU MCA MCSL-036 Section-1 Unit -01
Section -2 Software Engineering Lab
IGNOU MCA MCSL-036 Section-2 Unit -01
Section -3 Accountancy And Financial Management Lab 
IGNOU MCA MCSL-036 Section-3 Unit -01

The place where the students can get all the information about the assignment is the official website and they must follow it regularly. You can download the admit card, be aware about the date sheet, register yourself, follow the format of the assignment, login to the account of your webpage, download the assignment, and do all related tasks on the official website. For the above course there are many students who have opted and are very serious about it along with working to earn money. Students are preparing well for the final exams and it is sure that they will score well at the end. In most cases the assignment is submitted on time but there are still some cases in which the assignments are delayed in a submission and the scores in the finals suffer due to that.

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