A lot of candidates have been pursuing various courses from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. It is an Open University out of a few which is one of the most chosen and certainly the best in India. There are many other open schools available in India through which people can continue with their jobs along with studying and completing bachelors and masters degree. University is very famous through its abbreviated name that is IGNOU. The course is offered with the minimal fee to be paid by students as it has to cover most of the students in India who can afford such education. To cover most of the students it offers divorce courses of graduation and post graduation.

The establishment of the Indira Gandhi National Open University was in 1987 under the Parliament Act 1985. Initially then University offered only two courses that are diploma in management and diploma in distance education. For only the two courses around 4500 students applied. Currently the university is running 21 schools all over India under its authorisation. There is no count of students who are pursuing graduation and post graduation courses from this university.

There is no need to visit any IGNOU School in order to get information about it or your desired course. You just have to visit the official website and Research the course you want to do. Any information is uploaded on the official website of IGNOU. You can contact the customer care of the university in case of any query you have and clear your doubts then and there. The official website of IGNOU University is . Every information like admit card, result, date sheet, roll number, submissio date and every kind of information is available on the official website.

The MCS 012 solved assignment is available on various websites and you can download the study material for free and you can save your money that is spent on purchasing the study material from the market.This can be beneficial for the students who cannot afford the purchasing of study material by spending money. You just have to have access to the internet for downloading the solved assignment of MSC. Candidates are preparing very well in the MSC course and it is sure that they will get good marks. Assignment is uploaded by respective staff members on the webpage and all enrolled students can get it from student section. Students have to solve the questions uploaded and submit the assignment following the prescribed format on time. The assignment questions are uploaded for the submission of two assignments that is in January and in July.

MCS-012 Computer Organisation & Assembly Language Programming
Block-01 Introduction to Digital Service
Block-02 Basic Computer Organisation
Block-03 The Central Processing Unit
Block-04 Assembly Language Programming

It is important for the students to stay within the word limit that is given by the University for Questions carrying different number of marks.There are various subjects in the MSC course and there are various questions carrying different marks. For the 5 marks, 10 marks and 15 marks question the word limit is 150, 250 and 500 respectively. The answer of the question must be crisp and clear and well within the world limits so that the evaluator has fewer options for cutting down the marks. The weightage of the assignments in the final marks is 30% and the remaining 70% is decided through the final exams. The assignment has to be submitted on time that is 15th of both the months of January and July. The assignment must be in the prescribed format and must be hand written by the students. The students of the IGNOU University are preparing well for the exams as well as the assignments along with working to earn money.

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