BCS-040 Statistical Techniques SOLVED ASSIGNMENT

There are number of Open University in India and one of most famous is Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Common name of IGNOU University is IGNOU. This University offers all type of courses such as graduation degree course and post graduation degree course. Every year, huge number of candidates took admission in IGNOU and got qualifying certificate for their desired course. All types of courses like graduation, post graduation, engineering and non engineering, management and others are offered at INGOUN campus. Course education fees are less than as compared to other education Universities.

IGNOU has been started in the year of 1987 within the act of parliament 1985. At the starting time, this University has offered only two courses and both are diploma courses. One is diploma in management and second is diploma in distance education. More than 4500 students took admission in the first session for both diploma courses. In the current session 2019 – 20, more than 20 schools have authorization for IGNOU University in the whole country.

Graduation course of Bachelor of Computer Applications has number of subjects and candidates are taking too much interest for each subject. IGNOU University officials said that all enrolled candidates for Bachelor of Computer Applications have to submit solution of assignment for all subjects. They have to choose the assignment solution language in which they are studying their course either in English or in Hindi. If any of candidates did not submit assignment on time, he or she has to face problem that marks will be less. This is part of curriculum in IGNOU University. So, all candidates should be serious about assignments.

Now, the question is that from where students will get assignment of BCS 040 statistics. All assignments of this BCS 040 subject are placed on the official website of IGNOU which is www.ignou.ac.in . All enrolled candidates must have to register on official webpage of IGNOU. Login to your account at webpage and download the respective assignment. On the official webpage, all information related to exam date sheet, admit card and result available and each student can check all information in the student section.

In IGNOU University, Bachelor of Computer Applications course has many subjects and submit solution for all assignments. All candidates of Bachelor of Computer Applications course has to submit BCS 040 solved assignment to their subject teacher on time or before the time. Read the assignment carefully that it has three parts and each part carrying different marks. So try to write the answer based on the marks. If you have any doubt to your assignment of BCS 040, you may also contact to your concerned teacher. One thing is that write assignment as your teacher wants otherwise you may submit it again.

There are number of guidelines which are given by staff members and mention at the top of assignment. Every candidate should follow all guidelines while writing to answer of each question. If you have missed any of guideline, then your marks will affect.

Guidelines are detailed below and take a look on all guidelines:

  • All students must have to read the complete assignment atleast one time with all questions and their marks

  • Word limit for each type question is given and write answers based on word limit. Exceed limit of words is accepted but less limit is not accepted

  • Candidates have to submit the solution of assignment in hand written format

  • You should have to write answer in your language and do not try to copy paste answers from the study material or books. Read the answer first, understand it and then write it.

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BCS-40 Statistical Techniques
Block-01 Statistics and Probability
Block-02 Statistical Inferences
Block-03 Applied Statistical Methods
Block-04 Sampling
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