ESO-14 Society and Stratification SOLVED ASSIGNMENT (For 2019 – 20 Session)

ESO-14 Society and Stratification SOLVED ASSIGNMENT (For 2017-18 Session)

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is one of the best Universities in India because it provides all courses for open and distance learning. Candidates, from all over India may apply for their desired course in this university. There are number of courses like engineering and non engineering offered in IGNOU University. Every year, thousands of candidates passed out from IGNOU and many candidates get enrolled for their desired course. This is one of top rated open learning school in India which has more than 20 schools in the country. Graduation, post graduation and all other type of courses are offered here with minimum educational fee as compared to other institutes.Keep checking our website to get the ESO-14 Society and Stratification SOLVED ASSIGNMENT (For 2017-18 Session).

This year, huge candidates get admission for BMC, MMC, BBA, B.Tech, MBA, BA, MA, BCA, MCA, BSc, BCom, Mcom, M.Phil, M.Sc and many more. Exam branch of IGNOU University takes exam for all courses semester wise that is exam will be conducted two times in a year. Higher authorities of IGNOU updates their official website with all type of information like exam dates, admit card and result of all courses. They placed all information on their official site so that all candidates may get such information on time. Official site of IGNOU University is .

ESO-14 Society and Stratification SOLVED ASSIGNMENT

All enrolled candidates should have their registered account on student section to get information. In the session 2017 – 2019, many candidates enrolled in Bachelor of Arts course. There are many streams available in Bachelor of Arts at IGNOU campus so that candidates choose the on which they want. Some candidates took admission for Bachelor of Arts in sociology for session 2017 – 2019. As per curriculum of IGNOU University, candidates of all courses have to submit assignment. Now, candidates are worried about assignment and its information because they have to submit it on or before time.

General information related to society and stratification assignment is:

  • Programme name: Bachelor of Arts in sociology
  • Programme code: ESO
  • Validity of assignment: submit first assignment till December 2017 and second in the September 2019

Sociology has many sub sections which are given below:

  • ESO 11: the study of science
  • ESO 12: society in India
  • ESO 13: sociological thought
  • ESO 14: society and stratification
  • ESO 15: society and religion
  • ESO 16: social problems in India

There are large number of enrolled candidates in IGNOU who are searching for assignments of ESO – 14 society and stratification. Respective teacher of the subject has uploaded the assignment on the webpage so that candidates download it easily. A specific format has designed for assignment and all candidates should have to know the format of assignment. Specific format which is for ESO – 14 society and stratification is available below:

Total marks of assignment in IGNOU are 100 marks. Assignment of each subject is of 100 marks. There are three sections available in each assignment which is named as section I, section II and section III. In section I, only two questions asked and will be of descriptive type. Each question will carry 20 marks while section II has 4 questions of 12 marks each. In the last section of assignment which is section III, consist 2 questions for 6 marks of every question. On the basis of marks, candidates have to write answers. For 20 marks answer, candidates will write atleast 500 words to 700 words and 100 words to 150 words of answer for question which is of 12 marks. A short answer note has to write for question is only for 6 marks.

It is mandatory for all enrolled candidates in ESO – 14 society and stratification to submit their assignment solution on time otherwise they will get less mark in their final marks. Assignment covers 30 % marks of the total marks while 70 % of total mark calculated from theory. Do not try to copy paste the answers from study material or books. First, try to read and understand the concept and write answer with your hands because you have to submit answers in handwritten form.

Download the ESO-14 Society and Stratification SOLVED ASSIGNMENT (For 2017-18 Session)

ESO-14 Society and Stratification  
Block-1 Introducing Social Stratification Download
Block-2 Explaining Social Stratification Download
Block-3 Ethnic Stratification Download
Block-4 Gender Differentiation and Ethnicity Download
Block-5 Explaining caste in Indian Society Download
Block-6 Marginalised Communities and Stratification Download
Block-7 Class in Indian Society Download
Block-8 Social Mobility Download

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There are number of specific instructions which are given by subject teacher and you have to follow those instructions while writing the answers of your assignment question. Take a look on all instructions before starting and score well in your assignment solution.

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