How To Write High-Quality IGNOU Assignment Papers

India is known to the world for many different reasons. It is a country that numbers second the most population on our planet, after China. With so many individuals around, you may presume how many students they have to educate each academic year. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), is the largest university that we ever managed to build. As India is a state with a large number of inhabitants, this university has come as a wind at the back for their educational system. It can station a total of 4 million students which makes it the biggest educational institution by far. Almost one, the entire smaller city can stand into that one university. That’s why many of the students want to participate in it. Like every modern educational facility, IGNOU has demands about assignment papers that students need to write. So, let’s see how to write a high-quality one.

Use Only The A4 Format Paper That Is Foolscap

The first thing you must keep straight is the format of your paper. As the largest university across the globe, IGNOU has strict rules that need to be met by the students while submitting their assignment papers. The only format you should use is the A4 that is foolscap. If you try to submit your paper in any other format, it will probably be declined. That is one of many rigorous measures that the officials of this facility want to see. The use of thin paper is not recommendable due to different reasons. But the only thing that matters is a foolscap format. If you try to use a thin one, you can face providing an insufficient amount of information that needs to be included in your assignment paper. IGNOU assignment paper will consist of information about you as a student and a person, so it would be good if you put all the valuable data onto the paper. IGNOU officials often suggest students use ruled paper, instead of a blank one. You shouldn’t be the exception so it is better to stay with their recommendation.

Read The Guidelines

A lot of essay USA reviews online are related to the guidelines when it comes to the IGNOU university papers submission. The assignment papers always have ones that need to be followed. Students often neglect it and don’t even attempt to read it. That is one of the biggest mistakes they can make. You shouldn’t be like them. Instead, read it carefully with a lot of caution. Guidelines will usually contain a lot of important information that the students must know before submitting their papers. So, it would be useful if you give it some time to evaluate its data and remember everything you must not forget.

Use Your Handwriting

At first sight, it may sound a little bit silly, but something that IGNOU university appreciates a lot is the handwriting that students use. The use of your own one can determine the final judgment of your marks. The reason for this is not clearly known, but one of the assumptions suggests that IGNOU values uniqueness. Like any other university, being original could be the key factor for the students’ assignment papers. So, make sure to use your handwriting so the professors and committee members can easily confirm your identity.

Leave Some Free Space At The End For Comments

Something that you must pay attention to is letting the evaluator of your paper leave some comments on it. It will not be crucial to his decision about you, but nothing stops you from leaving a couple of lines open for the comments. That way, you attach the importance of these comments and give the estimator a sense of being respected. Naturally, you have to possess a respectable dose of appreciation for that person. A useful comment from his side can serve as a guide to you if there is some misunderstanding about your papers’ data. The evaluator will make sure to mention all he considers valuable and important.

Checkout The Limit Of The Words

IGNOU assignment papers have typically limited amounts of words that students can write. After all, you are not going to write a whole novel about yourself, don’t you? Just be precise, determined, and clear in the text. A lot of paraphrasing and jumping from one topic to another can only confuse the evaluators of your work. There will be a limit that you cannot go above. Just stick to it and ensure that you don’t break the rule. Answer the questions directly and distinctly without any hesitation or procrastination. 

Find Out What Pen You Can Use

One of the sundries that students often don’t care about is the pen they are going to write with. But if you intend to attend IGNOU university and submit your work, have a look at the pen before you do it. For the TEE session, the officials would accept blue or black pens. Those are the most common ones. The other colors won’t probably be allowed, especially the red one. It is a small detail with a big significance. Make sure not to make such a tiny mistake that can cost you a lot.

Represent Your Paper On The Best Possible Way

Assignment papers’ quality is often determined by the way students represent them. Expression is a vital part of it. Students are willing to simply just write down everything that comes to their mind. If you want to stand out, pay attention to your representation of the ideas, thoughts, and emotions. It can be beneficial if you add some subheadings into the text too. That way, your paper will have a chronological view that looks like a compact unity.


Writing a high-quality assignment paper for the IGNOU is not an easy task. It never was. But nothing in life comes for free. Students must put an effort in order to get their papers accepted. We tried to provide you a few pieces of advice to help you write it correctly. If you stick to them, success is guaranteed.

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