MS – 94 Technology Management Solved Assignment 2018

MS – 94 Technology Management  – Solved Assignment

The university is stated best which also contribute in providing the distance education to the people. They can pursue their higher education or degree courses easily through these kinds of universities along with their job. A Lot of candidates applies for the various streams provided by the university. Many activities are organized by the university in which the candidates participate on regular basis. The score of the candidates is quite good which makes it more desirable moreover the fee is very less. Lot of the students from the backward region of the India easily affords education from this university and they are searching for MS – 94 Technology Management Solved Assignment 2018.

IGNOU have different courses for which the session is different. Exams are held on the semester basis that is two times a year for various courses. The information regarding anything related to the exams is easily available on the official website of the IGNOU. All the information is available just go to the official website.

Here are the assignments which are given by the IGNOU on regular basis to the students. They carry 30% marks of the one academic session. These assignments have to be submitted on time. These assignments are given for the syllabus only and the material related to them is easily available on the various websites.

The format of the assignment is also mention on the website this format has to be followed by the individuals. The assignment related to MS 94 is available on the site of the university. These have been uploaded by the teachers and are available both in Hindi and English language. This has to be downloaded and made by the students. The submission of the assignments should be on time.

MS – 94 Technology Management Solved Assignment related details

University Name: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Course Name: Masters in business administration

Subject Code: MS – 94

Subject Name: Technology Management

Assignment Code: MS94/TMA/SEM4/2018

Download From Here: MS – 94 Technology Management

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All the candidates should remember that all these assignment have a proper format which should be strictly followed. The presentation of the answers should be nice. The material written should be accurate and precise. No copied material should be there. The assignments have to be analyzed, understood and then written by all the students. Answers should be written in points no stories should be mentioned.

There are 2 types of questions i.e. 5 marks and 15 marks. The 5 marks question should be written in 400 words and 15 marks question should be written in nearly 1500 words. Conclusion should be mentioned after each answer.

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