Management of Information System MS-54 solved assignment

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The details of the assignment is as follows:-

  • Programme name :- Management of information system
  • Programme Code:- MS-54
  • Assignment validity: – submission of assignments in the month of June and January.

Management of Information System MS-54 solved assignment

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As the assignments carry 30% marks weightage to get pass so it must be prepared properly. To score higher marks the students should follow the given guidelines:-

  • Do not copy and paste the answers as this will not fetch you good marks, rather try to write yourself in your own words.
  • Word limit is important so the answers written should be as per the prescribed word limit. Answers less than the word limit may lead to deduction of marks.
  • All the assignment should be read carefully by the candidates so that they can prepare the assignment well.

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FAQ Related to MS-54 Solved Assignment

Que. What is management of Information System?

On the off chance that your inquiry posing to what is Management of Information Systems (MIS) as far as scholarly control, MIS is a multidisciplinary field. It manages the degree to which IT and IS can be effectively actualized at individual, hierarchical and society. Essentially MIS can be more software engineering or progressively slanted towards business. They have alternate point of view toward MIS. MIS that progressively slanted toward business envelops a wide scope of territories including the board, brain science, bookkeeping, showcasing, human services and other significant regions.

Que. What are the Guidelines of Management of Information System MS-54 solved assignment?

This assignment of Management of Information System MS-54 contains 30% of marks weightage which is required you to prepare it properly. So, for getting higher marks in assignment you have to follow some guidelines which we have listed below:

  • If you get any solved assignment then don’t try to just copy and paste answer from it. Read and write in your own words otherwise you will not get good marks.
  • The second most important is maintain word limit. In every answer you should have to take care of word limit and has to write that answer in on give word limit. If you write answer which is lesser than that word limit then you will get less marks.
  • You should have to read all assignment which will help you to know about it and score well.
Que. What are the details of assignment?

The programme name of this assignment is “Management of information system” and the Code of this programme is “MS-54”. You have to submit this assignment in the month of June and January. The details of submission will be given by college to all students.

If the candidates will follow the above guidelines and the instructions mentioned by the teachers on the assignments uploaded, then they will be able to score good marks.

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