MS-04 Accounting and Finance for Managers Solved Assignment 2018

MS-04 Accounting and Finance for Managers Solved Assignment 2018

As the Distance education is getting popular the no. of the students are getting admission to the best Distance location university of India is Indira Gandhi Open University. It is the best known university in which every year lakhs of students from every section of the society take education. Moreover it is not only the best Open University in India but also the biggest in the world. It is getting lot of admissions every year because it provides quality education along with the minimal fee compared to other same kind of the colleges. Keep visiting our website to check the MS-04 Accounting and Finance for Managers Solved Assignment 2018.

This university IGNOU established itself late back in 1987 by the Central government. It gives certificates and degrees under recognition of UGC. It was recognized under UGC in 1992 and become equivalent to any other university in India. IGNOU first broadcasted its audio-video courses in1990. It also has its channels running on national television like Gyan Darshan, Gyanva, and Gyandhara. It included eduction for every field like for farmers for kids for adults etc. It tried to reach everywhere through T.V, Radio.

Each information needed by the student is available on the website of IGNOU. Candidates are not required to visit the IGNOU. Any kind of important information is there available on this very site of the IGNOU. Any doubt can be cleared here only.

Details Regarding The MS-04 Accounting and Finance for Managers Solved Assignment:

  • Course Name : Masters in business administration
  • Subject Code: MS-04
  • Subject Name: Accounting and finance for managers
  • Download From Here:

MS-04 Accounting and finance for managers – 2014

MS-04 Accounting and finance for managers – 2015

MS-04 Accounting and finance for managers – 2018

The assignment related information has been mentioned for the required students. All assignments have been given to be written with hand. No print copy is accepted. Copy of the assignment is not accepted. All the students have to read and understand and then write the particular assignment. The matter should be written in own language of the students. As the students need to understand the topic well and then write. Each assignment has a particular format which should be followed by each student. Samples if required are also available to see the format. Assignments have 2 variety of question which should be attempted according to the weightage.

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These assignments should be completed on exact time as these contain the 30% of the weightage. These should be prepared on a serious node and in a proper way. All the further information if required can be found on the official website of the IGNOU. For further reference no. of the college is also mentioned or mail can be done.

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