Indira Gandhi National Open University- Date sheet

Indira Gandhi National Open University- Date sheet

Indira Gandhi National Open University which is the biggest and one of the famous universities round the world to support Open Education and Distance learning gives the candidate a privilege to study various courses. Diploma courses, post diploma courses, under graduate courses, post graduate courses, certification courses etc. It focuses on improving India’s literacy rate along being the most innovative source of information and education for the world. As it is that there are various courses and programs are available in IGNOU the date sheets of the same are various. Every program has its own examination and every exam has its own date sheet. The university takes term end exams in the months of June and December. How to check whether your program’s date sheet is out or not is a simple process. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the university.
  • On the home page links for downloads are available to download various date sheets.
  • On the left side of the home page there is a link for Pre-Examination information.
  • If the candidate is appearing for June examination he/she should download the June examination worksheet.
  • It will be available in a pdf format. Download it.
  • The date sheet will consists of paper codes that are to be held on particular days.

The conditions to download the date sheet of IGNOU are that:

  • The candidate must have their valid registration for the courses.
  • They must have submitted their assignments in the course by the deadline.
  • The candidate must have completed minimum time that is required by his/her course to complete.
  • The examination fee must have been paid y each and every candidate for every course that he/she is appearing for.
  • Examination fee per course theory is 120 Rupees and 120 Rupees per course practical.

Course codes

  • Course code for creative writing (project) is DCE 06
  • Course code for Bachelor of Arts (General psychology) is BPC 001
  • Course code for Bachelor of Arts (Developmental psychology) is BPC 002
  • Course code for Bachelor of Arts (Research methods in psychology) is BPC 003
  • Course code for Bachelor of Arts (Statistics in psychology) is BPC 004
  • Course code for foundation course in English -1 or Hindi -2 is FEG 01
  • Course code for understanding Prose is EEG-05
  • Course code for understanding poetry is EEG-06
  • Course code for writing for Radio is AWR-(E)
  • Course code for feature writing is AFW-(E)

Rest of the details of all the source codes can be obtained from the official website of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Recently June end semester Exams Date sheet is out and for the courses for which it is out are:

  • Doctoral degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Diploma
  • Online programmes
  • Phil programme
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • PG and Advanced Diploma
  • Certificate
  • Non-credit programmes
  • PG and Advanced certificates

Un-successful Submission of Exam Form

  • If the payment which a student is paying online during exam for is deducted from his/her account but he/she fails to get acknowledgement at first stage.
  • Then in such a scenario the candidate should wait for at least 48 hours and then recheck in the Search option his/her exam for status
  • He/she then needs to re submit the exam form if it is not submitted.
  • The payment that was deducted will be returned to the candidate’s account automatically within 48hours.
  • If not so candidates can apply for the return of the same online.

How to read the Date Sheet?

  • The date sheet that a candidate downloads from the official website consists of Exam date in the first column, exam day in second column and in third column the name of the course is mentioned.
  • If the candidate has a confusion regarding their subject’s course code then they can clear the same from the official website of IGNOU.
  • The medium of the examination is either Hindi or English.

The date sheet consists of following symbols @, ^ and a dot.

@- Duration of Exams for these courses is 1 and half hours.

^- Duration of Exams for these courses is 2 and half hours.

A dot refers that duration of those exams is 2 hours.

Contact Details:

If any candidate has any query regarding the exams or Exam form or in case of non-receipt of control number they can contact the authorities. They can mail them at:

[email protected] – candidates who are pursuing Master Degree Programs (MA/MCom/MSc etc.) can mail at this ID.

[email protected] – candidates pursuing Bachelor degree (BA/BCom/BCA etc.) can mail at this ID.

[email protected] – candidates pursuing degrees like certificates or diploma or any other (CFN/CRD/PGDRD etc.) can mail at this account.

If not then the candidates can call at 011-29572209 and get their queries and doubts cleared. Here is a small glimpse of the June term date sheet. The detailed can be downloaded from the official website of Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Date and Day Morning shift Evening shift


BCE025, BES010, BET 011, BFN 001 etc AFW 01, BAP 001, BAR 025, BAS 023 etc


BAR 055, BAS 008, BCE 031, BCS 011 etc APM 01, AWR 01, BAS 020, BEGA 102 etc


BAR 056, BAS 009, BCE 024, BES 012 etc ATR 01, BAS 025, BCE 041, BES 051 etc


BARE 072, BARE 073, BARE 074, BARE 075 etc AMK 01, BAPI 001, BAS 001, BES 127 etc



BAR 063, BAS 010, BCEE 052, MHY 004 etc AED 01, BAR 044, BLS 003, MVP 002 etc


BAPI 002, BAR 014, BAS 018, BEDS 004 etc AOM 01, BCE 062, BEE 042, BES 017 etc


BAS 021, BCE 043, BES 123, BHY 044 etc BAR 073, BAS 011, BET 023, BHY 031 etc


BAQ 001, BAR 045, BCE 032, BEG 005 etc BAR 015, BAS 007, BES 054, BHY 026 etc

We have all types of  papers and information related to the ignou, so follow  our website to get the more information about the exam pattern, syllabus, and the previous year papers of ignou. Thus, follow the guidelines provided by the teachers to score well.If you have any question or doubt Please comment below and keep visiting IGNOU News.

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