IGNOU June 2018 Term End Exam Date Sheet for All Programmes

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the top education hubs to provide the facilities of distance learning. A large number of students are attending the various courses within distance learning in this top university in the country. They conduct term end exams in every 6 months for all kinds of courses in June and December months.

Now, they announced date sheet for all programs for term end exam in June 2018. If you are also searching for this date sheet, we are here to provide it to all the candidates who are going to appear in any of these exams.

Eligibility Criteria for IGNOU June 2018 Term End Exam Date Sheet:

For every student, it is essential to know about eligibility criteria to appear in any of these exams. If you want to appear in Term end exams, here are the complete details about eligibility criteria for all the students:

  • Make sure that the registration of a student for the course is valid
  • For the students, it is essential to submit the required number of total assignments in selected quotes by due date
  • The student must have achieved the minimum required time to pursue the course according to the terms and conditions of the selected programme
  • If the candidate is not able to fulfill any of these conditions, the result of the course will not be declared by IGNOU.
  • The student must have paid the fees of examination for the courses as per the conditions of the selected programme

Most Important – IGNOU 31st Convocation 2018

IGNOU June 2018 term End Exam Date sheet:



Date & Day Morning Session Evening Session
01/06/2018 BCE025, BES010, BET011, BFN001, BHY053, AFW01, BAP001, BAR025, BAS023, BCOA001,
BICE014, BICSE016, BIEEE016, BIELE017, BCS012, BEGA001, BES143, BET036, BFEE104,
FRIDAY BIME013, BLE035, BME001, BNMI010, BNS101, BGSE001, BHDA101, BHY001, BHY021, BICE027,
BPVI021, CIT01, CS60, CTE01, ECO07, ES202, BICS011, BIEEE002, BIEL009, BLE011,
MANI001, MCT073, MEC001, MEC101, MEDS041, BLI011, BLI221, BLS01, BME023, BNMI003,
MEG01, MES011, MES051, MGP002, MGS002, BOS001, BWEF002, CHE01, CHE02, CS72,
MGY001, MHD01, MHI01, MHY024, MIP101, MIR021, DCE05, ES335, ET508A,  MDE413, MED002,
MJM001, MPCE011, MPCE021, MPCE031, MPS001, MEDS001, MES033, MES047, MFN003, MHA01,
MPYE016, MRR101, MS01, MSD011, MSEI021, MLI101, MMD011, MME004, MME201, MMT001,
MTT010, MWG003, OEE001, BEGE101, BHDE101, MNR001, MPA007, MPA018, MPY001, MRD101,
BHIE107, BPC001, BPY001, BSWE004, BULE001, MS27, MS44, MS57, MS611, MSW016, MTM01,
EHD01, EHD05, EHI01, EHI07, EPA01, EPS11, MTT001, MTTM01, MWG007, PGDT01
ESO11, MTE01, MLI001, ET507A,
02/06/2018 BAR055, BAS008, BCE031, BCS011, BEDS001, APM01, AWR01, BAS020, BEGA102, BES020,
BEE001, BEE031, BES001, BFN003, BHY055, BES126, BET014, BFE101, BHY003, BHY022,
BIMEE004, BLE037, BME002, BMS003, BNRI101, BLE013, BME024, BME051, BOS003, BPOI001,
BNS102, BPVI031, BSWE001, CIT02, CS73, BPVI041, BRPA101, CHE04, ES344, ET101A,
DHHM01, ECO12, ET581F, MAM001, MANI002, MAEE001, MBP006, MCFT004, MCSE004,
MCC001, MCO07, MEC002, MEDS042, MEG03, MEDS002, MEG12,  MES113, MGSE001, MHA06,
MES013, MES052, MGPE012, MGY002, MHD03, MHD13, MHY003, MMD012, MPYE001, MRRE007,
MHY011, MIP102, MIR022, MJM002, MMDE028, MRRE008, MRRE009, MRRE010, MS22, MS51,
MMDE033, MMDE038, MMT006, MPCE022, MPCE032, MSO003, MSW007, MTT003, MWG005, PCO1,
MPS002, MPYE006, MRR102, MS03, MSD012,
MSEI023, MST001, MSW012, MTM04, MTT012,
MTTM04, MVE001, MWG008, OLP001, BECE002,
BEGE102, BHDE108, BPAE102, BPC003, BPSE212,
BPY003, BRDE101, BULE002, EHD02, EHD08,
EHI02, EPS12, ERD01, ESO12, MTE02, MLI003,
04/06/2018 BAR056, BAS009, BCE024, BES012, BHY056, ATR01,  BAS025, BCE041, BES051, BES144,
BICE006, BICS024, BIEL023, BLE002, BME017, BESE065, BHY007, BHY011, BHY028, BICE008,
MONDAY BME053, BNMI011, BPVI022, BPY005, BRL012, BICS012, BICSE004, BIEEE015, BIEL010,
CIC05, CLT101, CS64, ES203, ET523B, LT01, BLE014, BLI222, BLS02, BOS005, BPVI042,
MBP002, MCC002, MCFTE001, MCFTE002, MCFTE003, BRL006, CHE05, CS05, CYP05, ET302A, MCO03,
MDS005, MEC007, MEG04, MES004, MES014, MCS032, MDE414, MES034, MES046, MFN007,
MES055, MFC002, MGP003, MHD04, MHY014, MGSE003, MHA08, MHY017, MHY021, MLII101,
MIP103, MLI002, MMD054, MMTE001, MPA012, MME005, MME202, MPSE007, MPYE008, MRDE101,
MPSE003, MS04, MSE024, MSW002, MTT013, MS28, MS41, MS58, MSOE002, MSW010, MTT004,
MVE002, MWG011, OEY003, BEGE103, BEGE108, MVPI001, PGDT02,
BPC005, BSWE005, BULE003, ECO05, EEC10,
EEC13, EHD03, EPA03, EPS03, EPS08, ESO13,
05/06/2018 BARE072, BARE073, BARE074, BARE075, BAS015, AMK01, BAPI001, BAR059, BAS001, BCE061,
BEDS002, BES004, BET012, BICE018, BIEEE014, BES127, BFE102, BHY023, BICEE017, BICS007,
TUESDAY BIELE007, BIMEE016, BME003, BME060, BNRI102, BIEE007, BIEL005, BIMEE008, BLII012,
BNS011, BNS103, BPR003, BPVI032, BRL010, BME025, BNMI002, BOS007, BPOI002, BWEE005,
CIT03, CNSHC001, CPI, ES213, ET532A, ET535A, CS611, DCE02, DTG002, ES345, ET105B,
MAM002, MAN001, MCC003, MCS051, MEC003, IBO04, JMC02, MBP007, MCNE071, MCS011,
MEC103, MEDS043, MEG05, MES015, MES053, MCT003, MEDS003, MEG14,  MES115, MFN004,
MGPE015, MHD05, MHI02, MHY022, MIR023, MFP02, MGS005, MHA09, MHD15, MHD19,
MJM003, MMD051, MMDE029, MMDE034, MMDE039, MHY002, MHY041, MLE011, MMD013, MMT004,
MPCE023, MPCE033, MPS003, MPYE007, MRR103, MNR002, MPSE005, MPYE002, MRD103, MS24,
MS05, MSD013, MSEI025, MST002, MSW031, MTM08, MS52, MSO004, MSW014, MTT005, MWG010,
MTT014, MTTM08, MWG006, ONR001, BECE214, OMT101, PHE10,
BEGE105, BHDE106, BPAE104, BPY006, BSWE006,
BULE004, ECO03, EEC14, EHD06, EHI04, EPA04,
EPS07, ESO14, MTE09, BPYE001, MLI005,
06/06/2018 BAR063, BAS010, BCEE052, BCS031, BEDS003, AED01,  BAR044, BASE002, BASE003, BASE005,
BHY012, BHY024, BICE022, BICS026, BIEE026, BES121, BET022, BHY029, BICE001, BIEEE003,
WEDNESDAY BIEL025, BIME006, BIMEE023, BME027, BME055, BIELE004, BIME016, BIMEE019, BLI223,
BNS015, BNS104, BNS115, BPVI001, BPVI023, BLS003, BME009, BOS008, BPVI011, BPVI043,
BRL001, BSWE002, CFN03, CS612, ET521B, BRL007, CNCC01, DNHE01, ES331, ET533B,
MBP003, MCC004, MEC008, MEC108, MEDS044, ET540B, MAE001, MAN002, MCS021, MEDS005,
MEG06, MES005, MES016, MESE060, MESE064, MES054, MES101, MFT002, MGSE006, MHA10,
MESE066, MESE067, MFC003, MHA13, MHD06, MHD07, MHY018, MHY036, MHYI043, MLI102,
MHY004, MIP104, MLE012, MMD014, MMT005, MME203, MPC001, MPSE001, MPYE009, MRR104,
MPA001, MPA013, MPSE004, MPYE003, MS06, MS07, MSW005, MVP002, MWG001, PHE11,
MSD014, MSEI026, MSW003, MTM02, MTT015, BHY005,
MTTM02, MVE003, OAPI011, OEY001, OLPI001,
OUL001, BECE015, BEGE106, BHDE107, BPCE014,
BPCE015, BPCE017, BPY009, BULE005, ECO09,
EEG06, EHI05, EPA05, EPS15, ESO15, MTE11
07/06/2018 BAPI002, BAR014, BAS018, BEDS004, BES053, AOM01, BCE062, BEE042, BES017, BHY030,
BES122, BET016, BFLI001, BHY048, BICE015, BHY040, BICE017, BICS019, BICSE010,
BIME014, BLE031, BNMI006, BNRI103, BNS012, BIMEE014, BIMEE018, BLE004, BME018,
BNS105, BPVI033, BSWE003, CS70, CYP06, BNS017, BNS117, BOS009, BRL013, CS74,
DECE03, DHHM02, DNHE02, ES332, ET536B, ES211, ET531A, ET581C, IBO06, MCH003,
ET581B, LMT01, MAE002, MAM003, MANI003, MCS052, MDS008, MDS010, MED001, MEDS006,
MCFT007, MCMM001, MCS012, MDE415, MEC004, MFN021, MGPE006, MHA14, MHY009, MHY015,
MEDSE046, MES081, MES102, MFN009, MGP005, MHYI042, MMDE055, MMDE056, MMDE057,
MGY003, MHI04, MIR011, MPA002, MPA014, MMTE002, MNRE015, MS94, MWG009, NES101,
MPS004, MS08, MSEI027, MSOE003, MSW004, OULE001, PHE13,
MTT017, MVEI011, ONR002, OVA001, PGDT04,
RDD07, BECE016, BECE107, BEGE104, BEGE107,
BPY011, BULE006, ECO10, EEC07, EEG04, EHD04,
EHI06, EPA06, EPS06, EPS09, ESO16,
MTE13,MLI006, MCC005,
08/06/2018 BAS021, BCE043, BES123, BHY044, BICS022, BAR073, BAS011, BBHF, BET023, BHDF101,
BIEE022, BIEL020, BIELE015, BIME017, BHY031, BICE019, BICSE012, BIEEE012,
FRIDAY BIMEE001, BLE033, BME010, BNMI013, BPR001, BIELE013, BIME004, BIMEE022, BLI224,
BPVI003, BPVI024, BPY002, BRL003, CFN01, BLS04, BLII013, BMAF001, BME035, BME057,
CS06, DECE01, ECO02, ET523A, IBO01, MANE001, BNS018, BOS011, BPOI003, BPVI013, BPVI044,
MCC006, MCFT006, MCH001, MDS001, MEC005, BRL002, BSKF001, ES343, ET535B, ET536A,
MEC105, MEG11, MES006, MES103, MESE062, FAS01, FBG01, FEG02, FGT01, FKD01, FML01,
MGPE008, MHI06, MHY010, MIP106, MLI004, FMT01, FOR01, FPB01, FTG01, FTM01, FUD01,
MMT002, MPA003, MPYE012, MS10, MSEI022, MAE005, MCFT001, MCO05, MDS011, MEDS008,
MSW013, MTM03, MTT019, MTTM03, MVE004, MES112, MFN022, MFT004, MGSE004, MHA19,
MWG002, OAPI012, OLPI002, LSE07, MHY016, MHY042, MLII102, MPA004, MPA015,
MPYE011, MS21, MS55, MSW006, MTM07,
MTTM07, MVP003, OSEI041, BHYL006
09/06/2018 BAQ001, BAR045, BCE032, BEE002, BEG005, BAR015, BAS007, BES054, BES124, BET026,
BES018, BHY035, BHY045, BICEE010, BICEE024, BFLI002, BHY026, BHY049, BHY050, BHY051,
BIEEE007, BIEL002, BIELE008, BIMEE006, BIEE009, BIEEE017, BIEL007, BIEL018,
BNMI014, BNRI104, BNS013, BNS106, BPVI034, BIME009, BME029, BME054, BMS002, BNS032,
BPY004, CFN02, CLT102, CLT103, CLT104, CS610, BOS012, BPOI004, BSHF101, BWEE008, CHR11,
CYP02, DHHM03, ES212, ES342, ET102, LSE01, CS71, ET501A, ET521C, MCMM002, MCO06,
LT02, LT03, LT04, MAE004, MAM004, MANE002, MCS014, MDE416, MEDS009, MES043, MES082,
MBP005, MCC007, MCSE003, MECE001, MED004, MGPE010, MGS004, MHA20, MHY006, MHYI044,
MEG10, MES007,  MHD09, MHI05, MIR012, MLE014, MMDE017, MMDE018, MMDE019,
MMTE007, MPC003, MRR006, MS11, MSD015, MPYE005, MRDE002, MS61, MSWE042, MVEI012,
MSO002, MST003, MSW032,  MTE06, MTM14, OEY002, OSEI042, OVA002,
MTTM14,  MTT020, NES102, ONR003, OULE002,
11/06/2018 BAR074, BAS006, BCE052, BES016, BHY033, BAS017, BCS040, BES056, BES128, BHM001,
BHY036, BHY039, BHY041, BHY042, BICE004, BHYL004, BICE002, BICE011, BICE012,
MONDAY BICE020, BICE021, BICS010, BICSE002, BIEE010, BICE025, BICEE013, BICS015, BICS017,
BIEE014, BIEEE001, BIEL008, BIEL024, BIEE004, BIEE025, BIEEE010, BIEL013,
BIELE003, BIELE011, BIME018, BIME020, BIEL015, BIELE001, BIELE002, BIME012,
BIME031, BIMEE003, BIMEE012, BLE001, BME013, BIME034, BIMEE009, BIMEE017, BLI225,
BNRI105, BNS014, BNS107, BPHE104, BPVI004, BLS05, BME031, BME063, BNMI007, BOS013,
BPVI025, BPVI035, BPY008, ES204, ET501B, BPVI014, BPVI045, BWEE012, ES222, ES361,
ET534C, MCMM003, MCS022, MES008, MHD10, ET505, ET523C, ET581A, FST01, MEDS010,
MHI08, MIP107, MIR013, MMTE006, MPSE008, MES041, MFN006, MFT007, MFT008, MFT009,
MS95, MSD016, MSWE041, MVE005, OAPI013, MFT010, MGPE007, MGSE013, MLII103, MRD102,
EEC11 MS46, MTM06, MTT016, MTTM06, OSE043,
12/06/2018 BAS022, BCE044, BES141, BFEE102, BICEE012, BCE046, BEGF101, BES008, BHM002, BHM101,
BICSE014, BIEE015, BIELE010, BIMEE010, BHY032, BICEE001, BIMEE005, BME019,
TUESDAY BME014, BME056, BNMI001, BNS108, BPVI005, BME044, BNMI008, BPOI005, BPVI015, CS66,
BPY007, CYP04, DCE03, DECE02, ECO06, ECO13, ET524A, ET534A, FEG01, FHD02, MCS035,
ES334, ET204A, ET507B, JMC03, LSE03, MANE004, MCT011, MDS003, MED005, MEDS011, MGPE016,
MDE411, MEG07, MES031, MES048, MFN002, MFP03, MGS001, MHY012, MHYL041, MPYE014, MS494,
MHD16, MHD20, MIP108, MMTE005, MPA006, MS66, MTM09, MTTM09, MVP004, OSEI044,
MPA017, MS25, MS424, MS53, MS63, MSWE001,
13/06/2018 BAR024, BAS005, BEE003, BES142, BESE046, ACC01, BARE076, BARE077, BARE078, BARE079,
BET015, BFEE103, BICEE022, BICS020, BIEE017, BCEE061, BES009, BHM102, BHY038, BICE005,
WEDNESDAY BIMEE011, BME015, BME050, BNRI106, BNS109, BICSE015, BIEE020, BIEE024, BIELE016,
BPVI006, BPVI026, BPVI036, BPY010, DCE04, BIME005, BIME015, BLII014, BLP001, BME006,
ET202B, JMC04, LSE05, MDE412, MECE004, MEG08, BME030, BME061, BNMI009, BOS015, BPOI006,
MES032, MFN005, MFP04, MGP001, MHD11, MHI09, BPR005, BPV046, BPVI016, BRL011, BRS026,
MPC004, MPSE006, MRD004, MRS003, MS26, MS54, ES201, ET525, ET531B, MCFT003, MCH002,
MSD017, MSOE001, MST004, MSW015, MSWE002, MCMM004, MCS041, MCT072, MDS004, MEDSE015,
MTE12, MVE006, TS01, ECO01 MGSE010, MHY013, MHYL044, MLE016, MLII104,
MMD052, MMDE030, MMDE035, MMDE040, MMT009,
MPYE015, MS495, MS68, MTM10, MTTM10,
BLIE226, BLS06, MTE03,
14/06/2018 BAS003, BCE051, BES129, BHY037, BICEE003, AEC01, ANC01, BHME101, BHY057, BICEE016,
BICEE011, BICS008, BICSE018, BIEE008, BICS023, BICSE013, BIEE011, BIEE023,
THURSDAY BIEEE004, BIMEE021, BME020, BME058, BNS110, BIEL021, BIELE014, BIME008, BLE003,
BPVI007, BPY012, ECO11, ET521A, ET537A, BME004, BME032, BPVI017, ES362, ET101B,
LSE06, MANE005, MCS024, MFN010, MGPE011, MCFT005, MCS015, MGSE007, MHD17, MHYL045,
MMT003, MPC005, MS92, MS93, MS96, MS97, MLIE101, MS91,
MTM13,MTTM13,  PHE04, PHE05,
15/06/2018 BAL002, BCS062, BET037, BICEE004,  BIEL006, ASP01, BAQ003, BAS013,  BEG006, BESE131,
BIME011, BME021, BNRI107, BPC002, BPVI027, BHME102, BIMEE024, BLPI002, BME011,
FRIDAY BPVI037, ES341, MCS053, MES056, MES111, BME034, BWEE004, CHE06, MCS013, MFP05,
MHD12, MHI10, MMT008, MPC051, MST005, MSW008, MGSE020, MHYL046, MLIE102, MPCE013,
MTE05, TS03 MPSE013, ORU001,  BLIE228, BLS07,  ET537B,
18/06/2018 BAS019, BCE034, BCS055, BESE066, BME012, AHE01, AMT01, BESE132, BHME103, BJM001,
BNS111, BPC004, BPHE106, BPVI008, BPVI028, BNS041, BPVI018, ET201B, MCS033, MHYL047,
MONDAY BPVI038, LSE09, MHI03, MPC006, MPC052, MLIE103, MPCE012, MPSE012, BLIE229,
MPSE009, MS423, MSTE001, MTM12,MTTM12,
PHE06, TS04
19/06/2018 BAR049, BAS016, BCS061, BEG004, BET013, ACS01, BAR029, BCE033, BCS054, BES052,
BHY034, BHY043, BICE009, BICEE023, BICS013, BES145, BHME104, BHY025, BHY047, BICEE014,
BIMEE013, BLE032, BME005, BNMI012, BPC006, BIEEE018, BIELE012, BIME003, BLPI003,
BPVI002, BRS007, CS69, CYP01, DNHE03,  ES333, BME028, BME062, BMS001, BNMI005, BNS031,
ET508B, ET521D, IBO02, LSE10, MAE003, MBP004, BOS010, BPVI012, BRL008, BWEE007, CHE09,
MCS042, MCT002, MDS007, MEC009, MEC109, DTG003, ET201A, MCO04, MCTE023, MDE418,
MED007, MEG09, MES104, MESE057, MESE058, MFN008, MFT003, MGP004, MHA18, MHY001,
MESE059, MFC004, MGS003, MHY023, MIP105, MHYI041, MLE013, MLIE104, MMDE015,
MPC002, MPSE002, MPYE010, MRR005, MS09, MMDE016, MMT007, MPYE004, MS29, MS42,
MSO001, MSW009, MTE08, MTM05, MTT018, MTTM05, MS612, MSW011, OUL002, PGDT03, RDD06,
20/06/2018 BAR039, BES125, BFEE101,  BHY046, BICE010, AOR01, BAPI003, BAR005, BAS012, BCS042,
BICS014, BIEEE013, BIEL012, BIMEE015, BME016, BES002, BET024, BFLI004, BHME105, BHY052,
WEDNESDAY BPYE002, BRL015, CYP03, DCE01, ET502A, IBO03, BHYL008, BICEE021, BICS016, BIEE016,
JMC01, LSE12, MAEE002, MANE003, MCH004, BIEL014, BIMEE002, BJM002, BME022, BME059,
MECE003, MES114, MFN001, MFP01, MGPE014, BNM002, BOS014, BPOI007, BPR002, BRL004,
MHD14, MHD18, MIR014, MMDE062, MMDE066, CDM02, CHE10, CS63, CTE03, CYP07, DTG004,
MMDE072, MMDE076, MMTE004, MPA005, MPA016, ES364, ET202A, IBO05, MCFT002, MCN084,
MPC053, MS23, MS43, MS56, MS62, MTM15,MTTM15, MDE419, MDS002, MED006, MES045, MES084,
MWG004, NES104, OEE002, ORUL002, OULE005, MGPE013, MGSE009, MHY005, MHY008, MLE015,
PHE07, BCS052, BCU002, MLIE105, MNRE016, MPYE013, MRDE004, MS425,
MS64, MSWE044, MTT021, MVEI014,
21/06/2018 BAL001, BAQ002, BAR053, BAS014, BCE045, BAR004, BAS024, BCS041, BES055, BET021,
BES019, BESE135, BFN002, BHY054, BICE016, BFLI003, BHME106, BHY002, BHY027,
BIMEE007, BIMEE020, BLE036, BME007, BPCE011, BIME019, BLE012, BLP004, BME008, BNM001,
BPCE013, BPCE018, BPCE019, BPCE021, CIC02, BNS042, BOS004, BWEE006, CDM01, CHR12,
CNCC02, CS68, CTE02, ECO14, ES221, ET524B, CS62, CTE04, CTE05, DTG001, ES363, ET301B,
LSE13, MBP001, MCS031, MDS009, MEC006, MEG02, MCO01, MCTE024, MDE417, MED008, MES044,
MES012, MFC001, MGPE009, MHD02, MMDE061, MES083, MFT001, MGSE002, MHA04, MHY007,
MMDE065, MMDE071, MMDE075, MMTE003, MPA011, MLIE106, MPY002, MRDE003, MS45, MSOE004,
MPC054, MPSE011, MS02, MSTE002, MSW001, MSWE043, MTT002, MVEI013, MVP001, ODN001,
MTT011, NES103, OUL003, PHE09, TS07, OMU001, OMU005, OSS101, OTH001, OVA003,
BCUI002, PHE16,
22/06/2018 BAR034, BAS002, BPHE101, BPHE102, ET105A, AST01, BAR035, BAS004, ET204B, ET502B,
ET522, ET534B, MTE14, PHE01, PHE02, MCS023, ET532B, ET533A, PHE14,   MCS043,MES042,
FRIDAY BICE007, MS422, MS65, MESE061, MED003, TS02,MTE04,
MED009, MSWE003,MTM11, MTTM11, BCU001,
23/06/2018 CS75, EHI03, BME052, MCS034, BIEE013, LSE02, MTE10, MCSE011, BCS051, TS06,
BCOE108, ECO08, PHE15, ET301A, ET302B,

Steps to check IGNOU Date Sheet June 2018:

All the students, who are looking to check date sheet for June 2018 term end exam in IGNOU University, will be able to follow the complete process given below for it:

  • Just visit the official website of IGNOU University at http://www.ignou.ac.in
  • At the home page, click on the option of Downloads
  • In the section of downloads, click on the option of pre exam information
  • There will be Link to get the date sheet for term end exam for the students.
  • You can simply click on the link and check the date sheet for all the programs

If you do not want to waste your time and efforts by searching for this date sheet at various websites, you will easily find it on our website. Just click on the date sheet and get complete information about all programs.

If you have any question or doubt Please comment below and keep visiting IGNOU News.

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