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In this article, you will find the Indira Gandhi National Open University B.A. or the Bachelor Of Arts syllabus of all subjects for all the students of both English and Hindi Medium. You don’t have to worry about the B.A. course material any more. If you are an IGNOU Bachelor of Arts student who wants to study from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, your worries related to the IGNOU BA Syllabus and download of study material are now gone.

The complete Bachelor Of Arts Study Material syllabus or study material is available for students who can download these books and study material each and every subject of B.A..

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In this article, we are providing students IGNOU B.A. Study Material pdf which are provided and referred from IGNOU itself and cover all the programs syllabus in the form of different chapters.

Do not worry students this is the official study material of IGNOU which will cover each and every aspect of your syllabus of each semester.

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Download IGNOU BA Syllabus All Subjects

You can download IGNOU BA Syllabus from Here. All subjects syllabus is integrated in one PDF file. You need a PDF reader or Google Drive in your Smartphone to open the PDF file. You can Search or Navigate to your related Subjects in this PDF file.

The PDF file contains syllabus of all 3 years of Bachelor of Arts of IGNOU. You just need to check page by page. Click on the Button below to Download Full Syllabus.

[button-blue url=”https://drive.google.com/open?id=19_r5mtIOqm8mZoXKhmFBzO02dw-tjAdH” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download IGNOU BA Syllabus[/button-blue]

IGNOU B.A Course Subjects &p Structure

IGNOU BA 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd Year Syllabus:

If you interested to take the BA course you just consider the following syllabus.

First Year

  • Foundation Course in English-1 Or Foundation Course in Hindi-2
  • Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Foundation Course in Science and Technology
  • Foundation Course in Hindi
  • Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Foundation Course in English
  • Anyone of the following Courses:
  • Foundation Course in Bengali
  • Foundation Course in Gujarati
  • Foundation Course in Oriya
  • FPB-1 Foundation Course in Punjabi
  • Foundation Course in Tamil
  • Foundation Course in Telugu
  • Foundation Course in Urdu
  • Foundation Course in Kannada
  • Foundation Course in Malayalam
  • Foundation Course in Marathi

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Second Year

  • From Language to Literature
  • The Structure of Modern English
  • Understanding Poetry
  • Reading the Novel
  • Communication Skills in English
  • English for Practical Purposes
  • Understanding Prose

Third Year

  • Understanding Drama
  • Writing for Radio
  • Translation / Anuvaad
  • Feature Writing
  • Radio Lekhan (Hindi)

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IGNOU B.A. Study Material pdf free download

Once you have registered for the IGNOU Bachelor Of Arts Study Material program and you have opted to receive the study material at your doorstep your registered post then you don’t have to worry at all.

But if you decided to not opt for study material at your doorstep while enrolling for the IGNOU B.A. Study Material program then are you worried about what you will do?

[button-blue url=”https://ignounews.com/ignou-ba-study-material-in-hindi/” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download BA Study Material[/button-blue]

Students do not worry we bring you the study material of Study Material of IGNOU free of cost for every student of Study Material medium. The medium of this course is strictly in Study Material only each chapter of every book.

Even if you have opted for study material during your enrollment of the course and you haven’t received your study material but you want to start studying, then also you can download this IGNOU Bachelor Of Arts in Study Material from the website or from the links that we have given below.

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