How to Make Yourself Do Homework Assignments When Depressed

If you’re studying a subject such as science, technology, engineering, or math, and you feel like you are in a bad place and feeling depressed and therefore unable to complete your homework, you won’t be the first student to feel like this and no doubt the last. You could try and get some assignment help from experts or alternatively continue reading and see if our advice helps you to get yourself back in a position, so you can complete your homework assignments even if you’re feeling depressed.

Set yourself a goal

  • Every day, set yourself a goal when it comes to your homework. Your goal could be to work on the first draft of an essay or to read a particular amount of a textbook.  
  • When you are ready to sit down and study, you need to be concentrating on completing a particular task. 
  • If you don’t have a particular task in mind then it’s worth setting a time goal, for instance, researching for 60 minutes or reading for 30 minutes.  
  • It is important, however, to ensure that you take plenty of breaks to avoid burning yourself out.  
  • Make sure you have your goal in mind before you begin studying.

Make sure you prioritize

  • Right now, your energy is very precious therefore you want to make sure that you use it properly to complete the tasks that need to get done and are important.  
  • Begin by creating a list that shows you what assignments you need to complete and when each assignment is due. Perhaps use a calendar to mark this out, so you can clearly see what is due and when.  
  • Use your list and your calendar to work out what you feel is the most important thing to work on first. 
  •  It is now worth making a list of the top 3 things that you think are the most important and putting all your energy into completing these three things.

 Create a plan

  • Once you have decided what to work on first, you need to create a plan for the week. 
  • Decide on what you feel are the most important parts that you need to complete every day in the week and note these down. 
  • Remember to refer to your priorities list when it comes to your assignments too. 
  • You need to work out how long it will take you to complete each task that you have on your priority list and schedule all of this in your study time.
  • Think about what part of the day you think you’ll get the most amount of work done. If you’re not a morning person, but it’s the time when you work your best, it’s worth trying to study in the morning as this is when you will be most productive. If you’re not sure what time works best, then you may need to try out different times in order to work this out. 

Seek help from a therapist

  • A lot of educational settings have free therapy which is available for their students. This is a resource that you really should take advantage of. If you are a graduate however it’s probably not an option to seek free therapy.
  • It’s worth going to see a therapist, even if you are just feeling stressed as these therapists will be trained specifically to work with students.
  • If you don’t have access to free therapy then there are services available online where you can talk to a therapist via text.


  • Although you may not feel like doing any form of exercise, you need to challenge yourself even if it’s to do something small, for instance, go for a walk, do some yoga, etc.
  • Exercise will provide you with more energy and energy is something that you need a lot while studying. In fact, when you are studying, and you’re finding it hard to focus, consider taking a short break to recharge yourself.

Take care of yourself

  • As much as your studies are important, your health is as important too, and therefore it’s important to prioritize your mental health.
  • Turn to a friend or family member if you need some help and let them know what you are struggling with and the fact that you need some support.
  • If you’re working hard then don’t beat yourself up if you find that you’re not getting everything completed on time. Studying is hard enough, and it’s even harder if you’re suffering from depression.
  • Write down a list of things that make you feel relaxed and then try and do one of these every day
  • As much as self-care may not seem important and like a waste of time, It isn’t, and it’s very important because if you don’t look after yourself, you’ll just end up in a worse situation.

Leave your house

  • You might want to study at home, but you may find it’s more beneficial to study away from your home, for instance, the library. 
  • A lot of students find that they really benefit from studying away from their home but at a specific location every time.
  • If you don’t fancy using your library to study then perhaps go to a local coffee shop.
  • Try and create a routine where you wake up and head out to go to your specific place of choice to complete your homework.
  • You’ll definitely feel a sense of accomplishment if you go somewhere to study and complete your goal.

Remove distractions

  • Work out what distracts you when you are studying as you’ll find that these things waste your time.
  • It’s worth turning off your mobile phone to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  • If you can’t fully eliminate your distractions,  try and minimise them at least.
Updated: April 20, 2021 — 10:14 am

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