EPA-03 Development Administration in English Medium SOLVED ASSIGNMENT

IGNOU University officials said that all enrolled candidates for BA of public administration have to submit the solution of assignment on time and it is mandatory for all candidates. This is part of curriculum in IGNOU University. If any of candidates did not submit assignment on time, he or she has to face problem that marks will be less. So, all candidates should be serious about assignments. Graduation course of Bachelor of Arts has number of streams in IGNOU campus and candidates have shown their too much interest in administration department which is public administration stream.

Under the act of parliament 1985, IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) has been started in the year of 1987. In the current session 2019 – 2020, more than 20 schools have authorization for IGNOU University. During the opening of this campus, University offered only two courses. One of those courses is diploma in management and the other is diploma in distance education. More than 4500 students took admission in the first session of IGNOU University for both courses. Now, all type of graduation, post graduation, engineering and non – engineering courses available at all schools of IGNOU.

EPA-03 Development Administration in English Medium SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2017-18

Candidates are searching information for assignment and course. Information that should have to be known by every candidate who is enrolled in B. A. Development administration:

  • Programme name: Bachelor of Arts in development administration
  • Programme code: EPA
  • Validity of assignment: submit first assignment of all subjects from July 2017 to December 2017 and second till the September 2019

Sub sections of public administration are given below and remember all codes:

  • EPA – 1: administrative theory
  • BPAE – 102: Indian administration
  • EPA – 3: development administration
  • EPA – 4: personnel administration
  • EPA – 5: financial administration
  • EPA – 6: public policy
  • BPAE – 104: personnel administration


But, in the current session, candidates took admission in EPA – 3: development administration and are concentrating on their study very well. One main thing which only IGNOU University has added in the curriculum is that all enrolled candidates have to submit assignment on or before the time to complete degree course. Assignment format may differ for each subject because teacher is different for every subject. Format of assignment and guidelines are placed on the top of the assignment. When you are about to start your assignment, just take a look on all format and guidelines so that no problem you have to face in future. While writing of any assignment, if you did not follow any specifies guideline, then there will be marks deduction from assignment weightage

In the format, candidate will able to know that how much words have to write for specific question and how to attempt all questions. EPA-03 Development Administration in English Medium SOLVED ASSIGNMENT consist 100 marks and marks criteria are same for all subjects in one course. Assignment of each subject is divided into three parts which are described as part A, part B and part C. In the assignment of development administration for English medium, there are three types of questions which are 20 marks, 12 marks and 6 marks. IGNOU University has to submit assignment before the deadline otherwise there is marks deduction in your total marks. In the total marks, 30 % weightage is calculated from assignment and rest of 70 % will be from theories. In 200 marks question, write 500 words to 700 words and in 12 marks question, write atleast 500 words.  Questions, which carry 6 marks, write approx 300 words which can be short answer note.

Every candidate should follow all guidelines while writing to answer of each question. Then you can see its direct affect on your marks. So, follow all guidelines which are given by subject specific staff member. Take a look on guidelines which are given below so that you can understand easily:

  • Candidates have to submit the answer of assignment in hand written.
  • All students must have to read the complete assignment atleast one time.
  • You should have to write answer in your language and do not try to copy paste answers from the study material or books. Read the answer first, understand it and then write it.
  • Word limit for each type question is given and write answers as word limit


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Updated: June 23, 2019 — 8:55 pm

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