BPAE-104 Personnel Administration SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2019 – 20

BPAE-104 Personnel Administration –  SOLVED ASSIGNMENT

Menu Open Universities are available in India to choose from and many people are in need of open courses. One of the best options for such people is the Indira Gandhi National Open University that is also called IGNOU. This university is a choice of many and many more to come as the status of this University from the initial stages has evolved a lot till now. This can be seen by the facts and figures and the number of students that have increased and the rate of this increase is also increasing per year. This is because there are a number of courses that are covered by the University including the graduation and the post graduation. The fee that is charged by the university is very minimal as compared to other universities offering such courses.  The BPAE-104 personnel administration solved assignment 2017-2019 can be obtained from the website.

Under the Parliament Act 1985, IGNOU started in 1987. At the time of initiation, only two courses offered by the University. These two courses were diploma in management and a diploma in distance education. And only in those two courses about 5000 students were admitted. Now, there is no comparison in the number of students that are admitted in the University has it has 21 schools all over India and abroad under its authorization. The current session that is going on as 2017-2019.

BPAE-104 Personnel Administration SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2017-18

The course of personnel administration has various subsections. The enrolled students of the university have to submit the assignment as the curriculum states. The assignment has to be submitted to get Monte to the next level and if otherwise then the grades that the student obtains are low. This curriculum is said by the authorities of the university and has to be followed. Along with submitting the assignment according to the format set, it has to be submitted on time so that it gets accepted. Many students find it difficult to complete it without getting the proper solutions of questions. The questions of the assignment can be obtained from the official website that is www.ignou.ac.in . The solutions to these questions are to be found out by the students and the questions must be obtained at the right time when uploaded.

The website consists of the informationwhich is useful to the enrolled students and to those who are about to be enrolled. This information includes date sheet for the examinations, admit cards, results and much more. The registration has to be done by all the candidates on the official web page.Students Ken download the assignments of their respective subjects from this webpage.

An open course means that students can continue with their jobs and earn money along with completing a graduation or a post graduation degree. These open courses are not provided by every University and some provide it. So, there is not much choice for the candidates. IGNOU is one of the best institutes you can opt for as the features of this university are very superior as compared to other University keeping in mind the fee charged. The numbers of courses offered are also very large in number. These graduation and post graduate courses are BA, BBA, BCA, B.Com, B.Sc, BBM, LLB, MBA, MCA, B.Ed, M,Ed, M.Com and many more.

The assignment includes various questions and these questions are divided into 3 sections. The first section consists of 2 questions of 20 marks each which have to be answered in about 600 to 700 words. The second section consists of 4 questions of 12 marks each which have to be answered in about 300 words. III section consists of 2 questions of 6 marks each and has to be answered in about 200 words. The format of the assignment has to be adhered to. To follow this format you can follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • The whole assignment must be read carefully.
  • The answers must be written within the prescribed word limit.
  • The assignment must be originally handwritten and not printed or copied.
  • If any help is taken, the source must be mentioned.
  • The format as prescribed on the official website must be followed.


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