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In view of Corona Virus Covid-19 Nation wise lockdown, IGNOU has decided to provide online Assignments Submission facility to its students from their home. Due to the Lockdown all regional centre activities were suspended in all IGNOU RCs. However, IGNOU assignments online Submission facility has taken burden from Many students who were worrying about submission of there assignments on time, However IGNOU also extended last date to submit IGNOU Assignments to 15 December 2020. But amid of nation wise lock down it was a tough task for IGNOU to collect all assignments and checking them on time and also Physical medium of assignment could have increased infection of corona virus. So, ignou is accepting all assignments by Online medium. You need to send soft copy of your assignment to IGNOU regional center’s mail id, Or on google form. in this article, you will know how to submit IGNOU assignments online. 

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IGNOU Online Assignment  Submission Details

IGNOU assignments submission E-mail format. 

  • The email must carry the following details of the sender:
    1. Name of the learner:
    2. Enrollment number:
    3. Regional Centre Code:
    4. Study Centre Code:
    5. Programme Code:
    6. Course Code(s) of attached assignments:
    7. Mobile number:
    8. Email ID:
  • The Assignment should be scanned in ONE single pdf File for one Subject. i.e if there are 10 questions in one assignment, there should NOT be 10 separate pdf files of these 10 answers. These should be scanned in ONE single pdf file for easy download at RC end.
  • The file name of assignment should also contain course code, name and enrollment number of student. 
  • The *first page of the pdf* of each Course must also carry the learner’s correct details
  • You need to write your enrolment number and signature on all pages of your assignments.

Note:- Not all study centers are accepting assignments online. Some study centers are demanding it by post, or by hand. So, kindly confirm it from your study center about final submission of assignments. 

E-mail IDs or Google Form Link of IGNOU Regional Centers for assignment submission. 

  • IGNOU RC Delhi 1 Online Assignment submission guidelines all details Click Here
  • IGNOU RC Mumbai Online Assignment Submission guidelines all details Click Here
  • Regional Center Patna of IGNOU Revised guidelines for Assignment submission online Click Here
  • IGNOU RC Delhi 2 Online assignment submit guidelines Click Here
  • For IGNOU RC Delhi 3 detailed guidelines to submit assignments online Click Here

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Sample E-mail for IGNOU Assignment Online Submission


Sample Email IGNOU assignment submission

How to Submit IGNOU Assignments via E-mail

IGNOU’s all regional centers are accepting the assignments by E-mail. You need to find the Mail id of Your IGNOU Regional center and you would have got the message on your mobile phone as well regarding the submission of  your assignments and respective mail id also.

Note:- You need to send different E-mails or fill different google forms for different Subject. As shown in sample Mail

Also Some study centers are demanding your IGNOU ID Card scanned copy, so don’t forget to attach.

How to submit ignou assignments online

  1. Complete your IGNOU Assignment with front page containing following information.

    1. Name of the learner:
    2. Enrollment number:
    3. Regional Centre Code:
    4. Study Centre Code:
    5. Programme Code:
    6. Course Code(s) of attached assignments:
    7. Mobile number:
    8. Email ID:

  2. Scan whole Assignment in a single PDF file (Subject Wise)

    one subject assignment will be in one PDF file. Rename pdf file in the following pattern: Enrolmentno_Programmecode_course code.pdf

  3. Check your Registered E-mail ID or Mobile number for Your Concerned regional center message.

    The message will contain assignment submission Mail id of your regional centre.

  4. Compose an E-mail with all the related information mentioned below.

    1. Name of the learner:
    2. Enrollment number:
    3. Regional Centre Code:
    4. Study Centre Code:
    5. Programme Code:
    6. Course Code(s) of attached assignments:
    7. Mobile number:
    8. Email ID:

  5. Attach the scanned PDF file and send to your concerned regional centre’s mail id or upload to google form.

How to get IGNOU Migration Certificate

Before submitting Assignments online you must check the official notification available on all regional center’s website. There may be a slight change in a particular RC’s online assignment submission guideline. 

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